Soft short leg Gelato romper with a 3 scoop icecream (because any less is criminal.)


Our Gelato romper is lined with a supersoft burgundy Modal Jersey down to the Belly button and therefore offers excellent comfort for your small person. It is also great for keeping the skin covered from the summer sun whilst not overheating baby, so best of both worlds.


This beautiful ensemble hopefully reminds you on a daily basis to enjoy the small things. An icecream on a hot Summer's day is often all I need to lift my spirits.


Please also feel free to send your suggestions for Best icecream worldwide, so I can go and test them all. 


As always, if this is a present for your best friend's new baby, do send us a message and we can add a lovely card with your words of love and encouragement.


Gelato Short Leg Romper

PriceFrom £20.00