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Leopard print always looks absolutely adorable, especially on tiny babies. 

And this Summer Romper perfectly accentuates lovely chubby baby thighs whilst keeping them cool and calm, whilst also giving them a pretty contrasted pattern to focus their eyesight on. (I remember Maevis looking at her tummy and legs for ages whenever she wore this romper.)


On cooler days wear it with a loose top. But on the really hot scorchers you can leave the top off and your baby will stay nice and refreshed in this backless number.


The Summer romper also works well for the bigger, potty trained kids as they can just slide the straps off their shoulders and climb out of it with ease. 


As always if this is a present for a friend, why not let us know, give us their address and add a little personal message that we can handwrite in a card for them.






Mustard Supersize Leopard Print Summer Romper

PriceFrom £20.00
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