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For so long I have been wanting to offer a jumper that goes absolutely spot on perfectly with our rompers and leggings. But finding the right fabrics has been hard. They need to feel soft and wash well, recover each time and not become completely misshapen. 


I finally feel like I have the right options to offer to you all. 


We have a Cognac Waffle fabric, super soft, which goes well with the Zeppelin Romper, as well as the Sass the Sausage Dog Romper and Leggings. The same goes for the Plain Terracotta Sweat, if you would rather have a plain than a textured jumper.


The Army Green Waffle goes well with the Whimsical Forest Scene Romper and the Whimsical Animals romper in both Taupe and Bottle Green.


The Mustard Rib goes well with some of the Dots and Spots Harems.


The Old Green goes super well with the Old Fashioned Zeppelin Romper and Leggings.



The Old Mauve doesn't quite match with anything right this moment. But there are a lot of Spring fabrics coming soon that it will match with.




Plain jumper in a variety of colours and textures

PriceFrom £15.00
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