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Hey Dog Lovers, this one is definitely for you.

Although even if you are not a huge dog fan, these cute creatures are likely to convince you otherwise. After all, these guys are harmless, don't make a mess, sleep well, etc etc. 


What you put inside this romper may be less so!!!


These sausage dogs on terracotta jersey fabric are the perfect colour for the Autumnal season just around the corner. It is a deep and luscious colour and the fabric feels deliciously soft as well. 

As most of our fabric choices this one works well for both boys and girls and is very effective at hiding stainage. 

The romper is lined in a rust colour Modal fabric for extra thickness and warmth.  


If this is a present for someone, just tell us. We can wrap it, add a little card and a personal message from you to the package. Just let us know what you want the message to say. 

Sausage dog Winter romper