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We are Snuffles and Spud, an idea that started from making clothes for my little newborn (aka Spud) in March 2017, because I just couldn't find the right clothes for him in shops.


I wanted bold and I wanted bright and I wanted things that didn't define genders. From day one people asked me where the things Spud wore were from, which implied to me that there was definitely a need for more colourful clothes on the market. So I dusted off my serger and sewing machine and the journey started officially in May that year.

I am still unsure whether it was the sleep deprivation that made me crazy enough to approach a shop, but I found my greatest support from Jeane at Alkemi store in Nunhead who took me under her wings and gave me the opportunity to sell my items in-store.

Now, so many months later I am willing to give the online world a go.

Thank you so much for supporting small businesses and by entering this site that is exactly what you do. So much time and effort goes in behind the scenes of a little company like this. Hours spent searching for the right fabrics, hours spent cutting, sewing, packing each garment. And not to forget the admin, the dreaded tax return etc.

I love every part of the process, and I'm so grateful for everyone that supports our little company!

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