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New Kid on the Block

I was going to write a blog post every week... Hahahahaha! Now that never happened, did it! The last one was written in February. Oops!!

But ah well. There is a reason though. There is a new Kid on the block. Snuffles and Spud should now be known as Snuffles, Spud and Squish (but that is just too long, so we will stick with the old name. Sorry New Girl!)

And she is disruptive and needs lots of attention, constantly demands food and don't you dare putting her down. But besides that she is the cutest thing known to mankind (or just me probably). Her name is Maevis and she has the craziest amount of hair (post bath she reminds me of Liza Minelli, or maybe Audrey Tautou on a good day).

So work has been put on the back burner. I have tried making stuff for Maevis and I still make some bits for friends and family, but everything just takes me so long to make with the constant interruptions that I will have to wait another month or two before properly opening the website again. We are still taking clothes regularly to our local gift shop Alkemi in Nunhead SE London, which will soon include lovely little dresses made by our talented seamstress Ola. So if you are local to us, why not pop in and have a look occasionally and meet the gorgeous Jeane in the process? You won't regret it.

The other big thing that will change over the next few months is that I am using this time to teach myself Procreate on the Ipad so I can design my own fabrics. I love cutesy prints as much as the next person, but I just wish there was darker coloured fabrics out there, because babies just get dirty so quickly. So why oh why do we put them in pastels and white??

At the end of May there is a Make it British Fashion Trade Show at the Exhibition Centre in Islington that I am hoping to go to and find some UK based fabric printers, in order to reduce our Carbon emissions to an absolute minimum. I love all our Europe based fabric suppliers, but in my ideal world I want to keep everything as local as possible.

Baby romper figs autumnal rust colour mint emerald bunny ears
Maevis wearing our fig romper (coming to the website soon)

So there are lots of new plans in the pipeline. It just all depends on the sleep (or lack thereof) we are getting on how productive one can be.

I know I keep saying this, but do stick around. You won't regret it (hopefully!)

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