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The Golden Thread of this Business

Did I ever tell you of the Golden Thread that runs through this business?

That holds it all together?

Our Golden thread is literally that... golden thread.

Like Louboutins are recognisable by their blood red soles on their majestic heels, our rompers and baby clothes will forever bear Gold Thread that holds them all together.

We have a USP, a Unique Selling Point, yayyy.

And the reason for this? Oh how I wish I could tell you about this amazing epiphany that I had one day, but I'm afraid it primarily comes down to laziness.

Now for those of you who sew, you will know that overlockers (the machine that cuts your fabric and sews it up at the same time into beautiful seams) is quite a pain to rethread all the time. It takes 4 large bobbins and a lot of fiddling with tweezers to get all the threads in the right place. (Picture included in this post of my Brother 1034D. My trusty work steed.)

I don't have that time. I have a toddler. And Baby 2 coming in 5 weeks.

So I needed to find a colour to go with all of my fabrics. Seeing as Mustard is pretty prevalent in our selection of colours, Gold thread seemed the obvious choice. It gives our clothes a feeling of luxury, plus with hindsight you can give it quite a good meaning. Win win!

If you fancy telling me about any other shortcuts you have (especially for inserting elastic into waistbands, as I don't like that whole bit of leaving an inch unsewn, fiddling elastic through and then trying to sew the last inch up without it looking like you stopped and started again, then please comment on this blog.)

Thanks for reading again.

Have a great end of this week.


Gold overlocker thread on inside of baby romper
This is what the gold overlocker thread on the inside of our rompers looks like. Shinyyyyyy!!!

Brother 1034D Overlocker in front of a window on blue mountboard
My beloved Brother 1034D. This little machine deals with everything I throw at it, from the thinnest of jerseys to triple layer fleece fabrics.

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