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Well... Finally.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

After months (ahem, Year and a half) of me digging my heels in about writing a blog and the importance of communicating with you lovely lot, I have finally let myself be persuaded to write.

And straight away the fear sets in. What do you write! You have nothing good to say. (I tell you, the voices in my head are MEAN!)

So this blog will be about the process of sewing from home whilst being a mum whilst having no idea what I'm doing in any area of my life whilst searching for people who can help me figure things out whilst me looking super confused whilst bringing up a toddler and soon to be newborn (due in March) whilst figuring out what this family wants to eat three times a day. (Now that one could be the one that pushes me over the edge in no time, as my imagination is running low!)

If during the next few months you could just be by my side whilst I figure out life, that would be absolutely amazing.

What does that offer you? I'm hoping to let you in on how the clothes for your babies are made, where I buy fabrics from, how people feel about Snuffles and Spud, how Brexit will affect this Small business (goodness, that one is scary) and how I have big ideas in my head to grow this business and take over the world of baby clothing.

So... Shall we get on with it?

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